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LowestPrice JET 708482 JPS-10 10-Inch Left Tilt 1-3/4Horsepower ProShop Saw Cast Iron Extension Wings, 115/230

JET 708482 JPS-10 10-Inch Left Tilt 1-3/4Horsepower ProShop Saw Cast Iron Extension Wings, 115/230 Volt 1 Phase Review
Two precision-ground, cast-iron wings set this saw apart from average contractor-style saws with steel wings. Heavy-duty, cast-iron trunions support the sealed, ball-bearing blade-arbor housing for a smooth performance with minimal vibration. JET also uses totally enclosed, fan-cooled motors that prevent overheating and dust infiltration and result in longer motor life and less risk of a fire hazard than an open-motor housing. The stand is made of a tougher-gauge metal and has a 4-inch dust port for easy connection to a dust collector. Another user-friendly feature is the quick-connect electrical plug right on the saw that lets you change blades without having to search out the wall socket every time. The on/off switch is on the top of the saw for easy access, and the saw's durable, powder-coated finish (instead of paint) will make a proud owner of every user--from the beginner who wants to learn with confidence to the seasoned pro who doesn't have space for a full-size cabinet saw. --Nancy Gleason

  • 1.75-horsepower, 1-phase, 115/230-volt motor; rip capacity 30-inches right and 12-inches left
  • Miter-gauge-includes an extra long bar for larger cross cutting capacity
  • Precision-ground, cast-iron wings; cast-iron trunions; sealed, ball-bearing blade-arbor housing
  • Fence Included and rails not included. 30-Inch Fence
  • 2-year warranty

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Good Buy for Small Shop
I was looking for good table saw at a good price. Feature for feature the Jet ProShop 10" met most of my selection criteria. The order process, shipping and delivery went without a hitch (I actually got it three days earlier than promised).

Set up took a friend and me about 90 minutes, and alignment checks another hour. The manual was clear and consise. A couple of notes on the assembly; we found most of the bolt holes in the frame had over spray from the powder coating process and that resulted in having to drive each bolt in all the way to clean it out before attempting to mount anything.

I have two quality complaints; a large chunk of paint came off the side of the saw fame. This looks to be due to poor or inadequate surface preparation over about 15 square inches. The second was a defective end cap on the front rip fence rail.

The saw was properly aligned and I had to make only a minor adjustments to the miter gauge and rip fence.

Overall the saw runs very smoothly and quietly. It has adequate power for what I'm using it for (plywood, MDF and hardwoods) and is fine for a small hobbyist woodworking shop. I've run into a minor issue with dust collection and dadoing operations. I'm using a Delta Dust Collection system rated at 650 CMF. Dust seems to collect in the bottom of the saw when dadoing. I'm not sure if its a function of no vibration to move the dust along the bottom toward the dust collection port, or using a standard insert as opposed to a zero clearance insert. It's not critical as long as you remember to clean it out as part of your shop clean up routine.

Regrets; yeah, I should have purchased the 50" model (and built a bigger garage.

What a deal!
I did alot of research on saws and decided this is the saw I wanted. I came across this listing, which was a very low price for the saw. I read the other reviews about not getting the saw that was described. I did call Amazon about it and they said I would get the right saw. They would call me in a couple of days to confirm. I never did recieve a call. I must say in there defense that I ordered it on Dec. 14, I am sure they were very busy.

I recieved my saw on Dec. 23, 1 day earlier then it was scheduled to be delivered. Opened it up and it was the very same saw that was described. It is a great saw and top notch quality. I am very happy with my purchase.

I am giving the saw 4 stars because alot of the hole during assembly were poorly tapped and very hard to get the screws started and I have no metric taps.

Since the review is about the saw and not anything else, I would like to add a 2 star review to Amazon for not following up with a call. Also I see Amazon must have caught the wrong listing because the price has jumped 228.00 over what I just paid.

No regrets, solid performer, and eye candy for the Man Caver !!!
I recently purchased this table saw, and believe me, I have no regrets. I am like a lot of you out there, I was looking for a solid table saw for a reasonable price. I am not a professional carpenter / cabinet maker, but a humble woodworker who enjoys making stuff (mostly furniture) at home. However, don't be fooled, I was not looking for a wimpy saw. Something that will be reliable, tough, and powerful that would last a very long time was the primary target. All of us have looked at the Powermatic table saws and drooled all over the place wanting one. But for me, the huge price tag of one of those saws was simply unreasonable.

I did countless hours of looking at Powermatic, Delta, and Jet table saw reviews on all the woodworking magazines, Amazon internet reviews, and gone down to a Woodcraft store to talk to the sales personnel on the pro's and con's on each saw. While doing this I had a certain budget in mind. I decided to take a chance on the Jet 708482 after watching the Jet's web page where you can watch the 708482 in action. I also have a bunch of Jet tools at home and each one was and continue to be a solid performer. They all are reliable, powerful, easy to assemble, and easy to care for. They sure are eye candy for the Man Cave type person.

I purchased the saw and brought it home. It took about two and a half hours to assemble. Everything was boxed and packaged very well. Jet even provides wrenches and Allen head screw drivers for the various nuts and screws. I found nothing flimsy about the saw parts themselves. The base, legs, table top, and fence are heavy duty - nothing wimpy there. While I did the assembly myself, I suggest you find some help. If you enjoy weightlifting, this table saw would provide a nice workout during assembly (it weighs a bit under 300 lbs).

Everything went together smoothly. There was no additional drilling, pounding, or cursing to put it together. This is a limited tolerance saw. Everything fit very snuggly together (a good thing). Once I fully assembled the saw, the table top was dead flat, the fence glided over the table top effortlessly with the one finger, and the fence was perfectly aligned with the saw blade. It also has plenty of power. It has plowed through through maple, oak, and Koa with ease.

This saw is also amazingly quiet. I would say it is quiet because the internal mechanism and table top is solid cast iron, thus dampening vibration and noise. You sure are going to love the arbor lock (I have a nice scar tissue on my hand for raking my hand over a blade while trying to wrestle a blade off my old saw). The only disappointing aspect of this saw was the blade guard. It is flimsy and does not seem to go on or remove very well with this saw. I never did use blade guards with my old saws and I am not going to start now. But Jet should try and put together a better blade guard for those that do use them.

I do agree with one reviewer's comments about putting tape in the four corners of the saw box. Your choice, on the inside or underneath the box stops the leakage of saw dust all over the ground. Also, one reviewer stated that the 708119 was the proper base for the saw. I don't disagree, however, the 708118 was offered at a local retailer at a huge discount and I simply could not pass it up, and if it was wrong, I could always return it. Jet must have made some type of adjustments to the 708118 base because it fit perfectly. The other reviews bashing this saw and Amazon for incorrect ordering and stock numbers is unfair to the saw itself.

The bottom line is that this saw is a solid perfomer. Everything was well built, heavy duty, powerful, and at a very reasonable price. All the key qualities that I was looking for. This saw will get good usage in my shop. All the research that I put into this saw was not a wasted effort. Finally, I was able to buy this saw, a Jet DC-1100 dust collector, a Jet AFS-1000 air filter, and save about $800.00 versus buying just one Powermatic cabinet saw. More toys for less money - does it get any better than that. Buy this saw you won't regret it.....Good luck!!!!

This listing WILL get you the new proshop
As of 5/14/08 this listing for the Jet proshop 708482k is still a strange amalgamation of 2 Jet saw listings...the new proshop model 708482k is followed by the description for a completely different saw. A bit confusing. However, I did successfully order and receive the proshop with cast iron wings this very week from this listing. I called Amazon and they advised me to call Jet. When I called Jet, they informed me that the model JWTS-10CW2 has been discontinued and been updated to the 708482k...that's why the listing is screwed up. Anyway, after I made the calls I decided to chance it. A new Jet proshop is now in my garage! Haven't had time to assemble yet but I will edit this review and add my thoughts after I do.

Very happy!
I purchased this saw to replace a cheapie starter saw that I purchased at a local home improvement warehouse. I got into woodworking much more than I expected and decided it was time to graduate to a real saw.

I decided to pass on a contractor's saw since I had a little more room in the shop and a little more money to spend. I decided against a cabinet saw since I don't have THAT much room or money. Besides, I figured the cabinet saws were for those who work on them all day. I don't.

It took two months for my saw to arrive, but I had no problems with that since I needed the time to finish up some projects and sell the old saw to make room for the new one. Once the pallet arrived and I wrestled the boxes into my shop with a friend, I spent a few nights assembling it. Assembly was easy except for the iron wings. That took some time to get right. Not sure if it was the saw itself or my strive for perfection when aligning the wings with the table. Beyond that, little or no adjustments were needed. Almost everything had been adjusted perfectly at the factory. Anything that did need adjusting was simple to do.

I've used this saw several times and have decided it's a huge improvement compared to the cheapie it replaced. Here's my take on it:


1. Large, solid tabletop

2. Very solid feeling overall

3. Great fence -- easy to move and adjust

4. No motor protruding out the back -- saves space!

5. Angle and height adjustment wheels turn as if they're not even connected

6. Easy throat plate removal and installation

7. Easy blade removal and installation.


1. Blade guard not easy to install

2. Corners at bottom of saw "box" have holes that allow dust to fall through to the floor, even with a dust collector. Duct tape easily and discreetly fixes this.

3. Vibration was more than I expected (although this is the first "real" saw I've ever used). However, if you replace the factory belt with a link belt, the vibration disappears.

4. Can't install a full-width dado blade set since the arbor isn't long enough. I'm still looking into this, however, to see if I'm missing something. (My cheapie could easly handle a full-width dado set.)

5. Would like a plug disconnect on the saw itself instead of going to the wall to unplug it. (My cheapie had this as well.)

Despite the cons, this saw is a joy to use and I don't regret my purchase one bit. I expect to keep and use this saw for the next few decades.

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